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Reference Design

The Loewe Reference may not have been designed with a museum piece in mind – but it certainly was the intention to create a masterpiece.

Unique appearance.

The secret to timeless, classic design lies in the consistent focus on what matters. The Loewe Refer ence System stands out with its minimal yet significant design elements – the use of high-quality materials such as aluminium and glass throughout, the slight tilt, the panel-like design, the sophisticated finish to the surfaces. Less is so much more!


A lasting impression.

The TV set is, of course, at the heart of the Loewe Reference ensemble – a flat-screen television like no other. A huge panel of polished and lightly brushed aluminium, fronted by a large contrast filter panel made from non-reflective black back-coated glass – even when switched off, the Loewe Reference leaves a lasting impression.



 Valuable painting.

The glass panel on the Loewe Reference television is larger than the 52-inch display underneath. This creates a frame surrounding the TV screen – giving it the impression of a valuable painting. The tilting angle and the base with motorised rotation provide optimum viewing comfort.



Sublime soundscape.

The Loewe Reference Sound Stand Speaker contains just one diaphragm - yet one that is very large and at the same time extremely thin (1/10 of the thickness of a human hair!). The speakers therefore have an impressive presence in the room – whilst at the same time remaining light, narrow and, above all, extra-slim.


Touching sound.

Sophisticated tilting.Sound that touches you – with sounding bodies that call out to be touched. No wonder – the Loewe Reference Standspeaker is covered with the finest of materials, offering a treat not only for the eyes.


Sophisticated tilting.

The Loewe Reference Mediacenter is the complete multimedia system from Loewe. One single surface of the finest glass and highly-polished aluminium – instead of a confusion of switches and cable clutter. Moreover, the sophisticated tilting angle makes it like a conductor’s stand. Maximal functionality (for example including an iPod docking station and CD/DVD drive) is combined with a minimalistic design in a truly stunning way.



A unique piece of furniture.

The Loewe Reference Subwoofer is far more than a high-end bass speaker for extraordinarily powerful, authentic sound – unlike all other devices in this category it also looks great as a unique piece of furniture.This is due in particular to the cubic format, which focuses on the function, and the sophisticated aluminium surface design.



Fascinating operation.

You won’t want to put down the Loewe Assist Media remote control, perfectly designed for the Reference system – not only as it operates all components so intuitively, but also because of the elegant aluminium underside, the excellent design of the buttons and the ambient-light-dependent button lighting. The brilliant colour display is particularly eye-catching – it even displays CD covers.



Loewe Reference Image

Fast-moving action, spectacular landscapes, exciting sports broadcasts - the Loewe Reference shows cinema and television images in unprecedented quality – sharper and more detailed than ever.

Innovation for the senses.

The development of home entertainment is no different to any other area: innovation alone is no use – it has to be practical. For example, for image optimisation this means that: Loewe doesn’t simply repeatedly increase Hz values. Loewe makes sure that every technological advance brings a noticeable improvement for you – with Loewe Reference you’ll feel the difference in every way.

Sharp motion

Formula 1 racing from different camera perspectives, action films with lightning-fast chases: the speed on the TV screen is constantly on the increase. The Loewe 200Hz technology, used for the first time in the Loewe Reference, makes these scenes sharper and smoother than ever before.



Outstandingly efficient.

Must entertainment that’s in a class of its own be at odds with energy efficiency? Not at Loewe. All Loewe TVs have been given the energy efficiency classification A or B – even though Loewe models boast more integrated functions and devices than most of the competition. And that’s just one of the reasons behind the low energy consumption.

Find out more about energy values and additional technical details:

Loewe Reference product information


Precise calculation.

With the 200Hz technology, only every eighth picture appears as an original. The pictures in between are created by the system, requiring complex algorithms. And Loewe has made the calculations with precision – for an authentic motion experience.

Highest resolution.

All the brilliance of a 52-inch LCD display only comes into its own in the appropriate full-HD resolution. That’s why it goes without saying that the Loewe Reference is equipped with 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, which capture every detail. This means that when HDTV becomes the broadcasting standard, you‘ll already be equipped with the best.


Careful optimisation.

You can get more out of even the best HDTV pictures – if you have the right image enhancement technology. Loewe Image+ optimises sharpness, colour and contrast – without distorting the material.


Perfect recording.

The Loewe Reference is equipped with Loewe DR+, the only integrated hard disc recorder with which HDTV channels can be recorded, played and archived – for up to 180 hours.

A fantastic time machine.

The Loewe Reference even functions as a time machine. With the integrated DR+ hard disc recorder, you can pause your Sunday evening drama or live football game at the touch of a button if your telephone rings or your neighbour arrives at the door –  and then carry on from the point you left it at, whenever you want. You can also rewind the TV programme as it’s showing – if, for example, you want to watch a decisive scene again.

Complete integration.

Antenna, cable, satellite: which digital standard do you prefer? The Loewe Reference is prepared for everything – DVB-T/-C/-S receivers are integrated, as well as the innovative CI+ technology which in many cases can save you from requiring the pay-TV receiver.


Loewe Reference Sound


Crystal clear sound.

The Loewe Reference Standspeakers feature impressive uniquely clean and lively sound – with a membrane only 0.01 millimetres thick.

Maximum listening pleasure.

In order to meet the highest expectations, a sound system must convince in very different sound situations – and allow maximum listening pleasure from a wide variety of sources. For radio plays and chamber music, a live pop concert or a home cinema experience: the Loewe Reference is a delight for the ears.

Thin diaphragm.

Inside a Loewe Reference Standspeaker, you’ll find a membrane, only about one tenth as thick as the human eardrum but 144 times as large! It is framed by an electrode grille and has very small displacement as it moves – therefore almost completely avoiding distortion effects. This results in an especially clear and transparent, authentic and lively sound.

Highest sounds.

Thanks to electrostatic technology, even sound connoisseurs will be more than satisfied – even in the high tone area up to 40,000 Hz the clearness of the sound and the rich nuances of the dynamics are unmatched.

Lively bass.

With one active and two passive diaphragms and 800 watts of power, the Loewe Reference Subwoofer guarantees an impressive and lively bass experience

 throughout the room. Extremely low sounds right down to 28 Hz are played, resulting in an authentic home cinema experience – going straight to the stomach and the toes when funk and soul music is played. Normally housing as big as a cupboard is required for this – here a perfectly-formed cube just 43 centimetres wide is all that is needed.

Unlimited pleasure.

The Loewe Reference brings diverse, great quality sound to every corner of your living space, on demand. Use the Loewe Reference Mediacenter as a control centre – and access different sound sources from different rooms. Classic in the kitchen, Internet radio in the bathroom, pop in the kids' room: Loewe Multiroom makes differences in taste a pleasure for all!

Simple connection.

The networking and expansion of the Loewe Multiroom system could scarcely be easier, as the connection is made using network cabling, WLAN or the mains power supply (via Powerline).

Perfect features.

You don’t need much to enjoy the best sound throughout your home – each room only requires the Loewe Multiroom Receiver and the desired loud speaker. The operation of the entire system is then done using only one remote control – the intuitive and elegantly designed Loewe Assist Media. Its display shows not only every room – but also the cover of the CD that you are listening to.

Ideal extension.

The compatibility of the Loewe Reference knows no bounds. It goes without saying that you can extend and further refine its brilliant sound quality as you desire with all of the components from the Loewe Individual Sound range.


Loewe Reference Connectivity

Fascinating networking.

The Loewe Reference can be connected to anything: digital music, photos and films can be easily transferred to the Reference System – and enjoyed in Reference quality. And with 8, 000 internet radio stations and numerous podcasts, you can receive variety from all over the world on the Reference.


Diverse entertainment.

The world of digital media offers multiple possibilities. Music, photos, film data; iPod, digital camera, internet radio; desktop and laptop computer: how do they all fit together? The Loewe Reference is ready for all connections. It allows media formats to be networked into the home in a way that avoids confusion and instead allows the user to enjoy the variety – along with top-quality entertainment.

Unlimited access.

The Loewe Reference television is equipped with the innovative Loewe Network Mediaplayer – as well as the Loewe MusicBox and the Loewe PhotoViewer. This allows you to access digital entertainment material easily – no matter where it is stored: on a USB stick or your MP3 player, on the computer or digital camera.

The best connections.

The Loewe Reference can be easily connected to your home network – using a network cable, a wireless connection (WLAN) or using a power network such as PowerLine Adapter (available separately).

Personalised music programme.

Who says that you have to listen to digital music through the headphones of an MP3 player – or on the computer? Using the Loewe Reference's USB port or network connection, you have easy access to all of your songs and favourite tracks – experiencing them in Reference sound quality. Moreover, the 52-inch screen can show the corresponding CD covers in the highest possible resolution.

Personalised slide shows.

Who says that you have to look through photos using the mini display on a digital camera? Using the Loewe Reference's USB port or network connection, you have easy access to all of photos – and are able to start a slide show in perfect Reference picture quality.

Personalised home cinema.

Who says that you have to play films on your computer screen? Use the Loewe Reference network connection for extremely easy access to your digital film archive – and enjoy an evening of entertainment in Reference home cinema quality.

An acoustic trip around the world.

Who says that you have to listen to Internet radio on the computer – or with an additional receiver device? You also have access to the Internet with the network connection on the Loewe Reference. This allows you to choose from over 8,000 Internet radio stations, create and update favourites' lists – and even synchronise these favourite stations with an iPhone.





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