A minimalist design idiom, innovation for the senses and exclusive individuality - following these central brand values, Loewe creates innovation with added value. The values also shape the brand's look and the entire chain of experience where the customers come into contact with Loewe.


Loewe  Individual Stand Speaker SL 11.03.2012

Loewe Individual Stand Speaker SL

The large, wafer-thin membrane of the Loewe Individual Stand Speaker SL not only guarantees transparent, vivacious high-end audio, it also serves as a design element which lends this exceptional audio component its radically slim-line form.

Loewe  Soundprojector 11.03.2012

Loewe Soundprojector

The Loewe Sound Projector creates a cinematic performance with just one speaker and no tangle of cables.

Loewe  SoundBox 11.03.2012

Loewe SoundBox

With Loewe SoundBox, it doesn't matter how you connect your favourite music. Whether with an iPhone or MP3 player, from the radio or a CD, or any source via the USB or Aux-In port, the Loewe SoundBox will prove its capabilities time and time again.

Loewe  SoundVision 11.03.2012

Loewe SoundVision

Loewe SoundVision mounted an all-in-one soundbar, network-ready audio system with 7.5-inch touchscreen.

Loewe  AirSpeaker 11.03.2012

Loewe AirSpeaker

Your iPhone has never sounded like this before. The Loewe AirSpeaker not only scores points in terms of puristic form and sophisticated function, but also provides incomparable sound quality: two subwoofers, two tweeters and two mid-range speakers, and a total of 80W, guarantee an impressive audio experience.

Loewe  Individual Speaker 09.03.2012

Loewe Individual Speaker

Veritably room-filling: Loewe Audiodesign speakersbring your home cinema system to life like never before.

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