Loewe Racks

Loewe Racks

Here, your Loewe television will feel right at home.

Most Loewe TVs already offer a wide variety of set-up solutions - now there is another intriguing option, to help you integrate your Loewe Home Entertainment sytem perfectly into your room: Discover the Loewe Rack System!



Everything is beautifully organised.

When Loewe builds a piece of furniture, then it must both look perfect and work intelligently. The Loewe Rack has space for everything to make your entertainment experience perfect: from the Loewe Individual Sound Subwoofer, the Loewe Equipment (e.g. Loewe AudioVision) or the Loewe Assist Media Remote to your DVD and CD collection.


This naturally includes an intelligent cable management system - the optimum networking for all components available while avoiding any visible clutter.

Learn more about the components that the Loewe Rack can accommodate:

Loewe Sound  Loewe Equipment

Can be added to all TV models.

No matter what Loewe television you have at home, the Loewe Rack is always the perfect choice. Using a simple adapter system enables all Loewe TV devices to be easily connected to any of the available Loewe Rack modules - a very stylish unit.


Free choice of colour, height and width.

The Loewe Rack is available in two different heights (30 cm and 45 cm), two different widths (110 cm and 165 cm) and each can be selected in the colours Chrome Silver, High Gloss Black and High Gloss White.




Ventilated Racks – constant air circulation.

The Loewe Rack System is ideal for storing high quality equipment devices. However, in order to guarantee a perfect entertainment experience, optimal ventilation is of the utmost importance. No other home entertainment manufacturer takes this subject as seriously as Loewe. For this reason, all Loewe Racks are equipped with an ingenious air circulation system which channels the air through vents in the frame directly past the devices. In this way the risk of overheating can be avoided.


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