Loewe Multiroom

Loewe Multiroom

Individual Sound for every room. 

In this age of digital media, your music collection might fit in your pocket, but how does it get from there to your living room, kitchen or bedroom— all at the same time? Or how do you play a different song in each room? With Loewe Multiroom products, this is possible – and much more besides. Why not take your favourite concerto to bed with you? Access your complete music library from any room, with fascinating simplicity and impressive quality.

Individual sound – room for room.

Open Technology. Unlimited Possibilities. Loewe Multiroom Technology.

Until now, multiroom systems involved careful planning and complicated installation. Not with Loewe. With the innovative Connectivity+ technologies, all you need is one network router, connected via standard network cable (LAN), the electrical mains (Powerline) or wireless (WLAN). It couldn’t be simpler.

Networking using a network cable (LAN Ethernet)

The established technology from the computing world forms the basis of the Loewe Multiroom solution. The Individual Mediacenter and Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver have integrated Ethernet ports which can be used to connect them directly with your network router. The Loewe Connect Media and other Loewe TVs with a Mediaplayer can also be connected in this way.

Network Router

For networking, you require a standard network router. This is already installed in many households to provide access to the Internet. The Loewe Multiroom solution therefore fits into the existing infrastructure, instead of creating its own standard.

Networking via the electrical mains (Powerline)

Do you want to connect rooms on different floors? With the help of Powerline technology, this is possible without the need for any additional cables – you simply use your electrical mains circuit for transmission. All you need are Powerline adapters, which transmit and receive the signal from the Ethernet cable via your mains circuit.

Wireless networking (WLAN)

Do you want a wireless connection for your multiroom system? No problem – the Individual Mediacenter and the Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver feature integrated WLAN servers (IEEE 802.11b/g standard with up to 54 MBit/s, as well as being prepared for the upcoming IEEE 802.11n wireless standard with up to 540 MBit/s). The Loewe Connect Media can also be connected in this way.

The full programme in secondary rooms too. Loewe Multiroom for secondary rooms.

There’s no need to install a host of receivers, amplifiers and connections in order to link secondary rooms. With Loewe Multiroom you very simply bring your sound into every room with the Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver, for example. It is a receiver and a stereo amplifier in one. However, alternatively, you can use a Loewe flat-screen TV with a media module, or an Internet-enabled device from another manufacturer – after all, the Loewe Multiroom is a flexible and open system.

Loewe Multiroom – a uniquely flexible and open system.

Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver

The Individual Sound Multiroom Receiver establishes a connection to the Individual Mediacenter via the router. Two digital audio amplifiers, each with 50 watts sinus power, bring audio enjoyment to every room. A subwoofer can also be additionally connected. Basic operation buttons, such as forward/back and play/pause, as well as a USB device, can be found on the side of the device for direct control. Ports for other devices, such as a CD player for local use in a secondary room, are provided on the Receiver.

Loewe Connect Media

Loewe flat-screen TVs with a media module, for example, the Connect Media or an Individual Compose with a retrofitted Mediaplayer, can also be integrated as secondary-room sets. This allows you to also access your music sources – including the cover image of the album being played – from a television in another room. Incidentally, the screen can be switched off at the touch of a button, reducing energy consumption to below 50 watts – the level of a conventional hifi system.

Other terminal equipment

Do you have an Internet-enabled kitchen radio or a mobile with WLAN? Why not simply integrate them into your Multiroom solution too? Loewe has deliberately kept the system open, so that equipment from other manufacturers can also access the Individual Mediacenter as an audio source.

Secondary rooms function principle

Secondary rooms open up with Multiroom Receiver, Connect Media or other internet enabled devices.


The heart of the Multiroom System. Loewe Mediacenter.

The Loewe Mediacenter is the heart of the Multiroom System. A veritable all-rounder, it can play CDs and DVDs and also receive radio via antenna, cable and satellite or from the Internet. You can use it to listen to digital music files stored on hard drives or on your network, as well as those on your iPod or iPhone. All of this is encased minimalistically in a slim housing made of high-quality aluminium and glass which there’s certainly no need to hide.

Perfect playback in every room. Loewe Multiroom System.

Loewe Multiroom can be freely combined with all Loewe TV sets and system components – from a simple 2.1 stereo sound system without a TV set to a 5.1 surround-sound Home Cinema solution.

With Loewe Multiroom, you can enjoy individual sound in each room.

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