Loewe AudioVision

Loewe AudioVision


Brilliant sound deserves a perfect picture. And vice versa. Loewe Audiovision offers both in outstanding quality.

Brilliant surround sound with every television. The integrated 5.1 Decoder provides surround sound. So you can enjoy the pleasure of impressive 5.1 sound even if your television does not have an integrated surround sound decoder. In addition to DVDs, CDs, MP3 files and FM radio with RDS, you can connect your USB memory stick and iPod or iPhone using the integrated ports.

Elegant and functional: characteristic Loewe design. Naturally, Audiovision is also a sight to behold. It has an elegant design in perfect harmony with other Loewe equipment. The operating display is located in the characteristic Loewe eye. The ultra-bright display integrated in the front panel shows all the important information including title, play duration or radio station. The puristic overall impression is enhanced by the absence of visible screws and ventilation slots. The elegant design continues behind the opened front cover. With this open you can also operate Loewe Audiovision directly.

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