A minimalist design idiom, innovation for the senses and exclusive individuality - following these central brand values, Loewe creates innovation with added value. The values also shape the brand's look and the entire chain of experience where the customers come into contact with Loewe.


Loewe  Mediacenter 11.03.2012

Loewe Mediacenter

The Loewe Mediacenter is a true all-rounder. It plays CDs and DVDs and can also receive radio via antenna, cable and satellite or from the Internet. You can use it to listen to digital music files stored on hard drives or on your network, as well as those on your iPod or iPhone.

Loewe  MediaVision 11.03.2012

Loewe MediaVision

The MediaVision 3D one-box system guarantees superior entertainment with vivid visuals and perfect acoustics.

Loewe  AudioVision 11.03.2012

Loewe AudioVision

Brilliant sound deserves a perfect picture. And vice versa. Loewe Audiovision offers both in outstanding quality.

Loewe  BluTech Vision 11.03.2012

Loewe BluTech Vision

The Loewe BluTech Vision Interactive is equipped with a network connection, which enables the download of additional content for the inserted film. The Loewe BluTechVision 3D offers Full-HD 3D support for 3D cinema entertainment in your living room.

Loewe  ViewVision 11.03.2012

Loewe ViewVision

In order to record your favourite film in perfect quality, Loewe has created
two versions of the ViewVision DVD recorder

Loewe  Multiroom 11.03.2012

Loewe Multiroom

In this age of digital media, your music collection might fit in your pocket, but how does it get from there to your living room, kitchen or bedroom— all at the same time? Or how do you play a different song in each room? With Loewe Multiroom products, this is possible – and much more besides.

Loewe  Assist 11.03.2012

Loewe Assist

The new Loewe Assist Media has been specially developed for convenient multiroom use. As a real highlight, all information – including the cover art for your music collection - is highly visible and can be intuitively operated on the integrated display.

Loewe  Assist Media App 11.03.2012

Loewe Assist Media App

The Loewe Assist Media app is by no means simply a new way of carrying out standard remote control functions – such as switching channels or controlling the volume of a Loewe TV – on an iPad.

Loewe   VideoNet App 11.03.2012

Loewe VideoNet App

Loewe VideoNet app provides the user with easy access to the best online videos. It streams the latest programmes, online shows, screencasts and podcasts directly to a Loewe flat-screen TV or iPad.

Loewe  Racks 11.03.2012

Loewe Racks

Most Loewe TVs already offer a wide variety of set-up solutions - now there is another intriguing option, to help you integrate your Loewe Home Entertainment sytem perfectly into your room: Discover the Loewe Rack System!

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