This very compact loudspeaker system offers great audio performance for an involving music and movie experience. The discreet size of the Sneaky Unik loudspeakers makes them suitable for use on bookshelves, mounted on a wall using the Linn Brakit or free standing using the dedicated Linn Kolum stand. For stereo applications, a pair of Sneaky Unik loudspeakers provides a very compact solution for great music. In multi-channel systems, the Sneaky Unik can be used as a front, centre or rear loudspeaker and incorporates full magnetic shielding, meaning they can be placed close to a television without affecting picture quality. The Sneaky Loudspeaker System is the perfect partner for Linn’s Sneaky Music DS offering a stylish, discreet solution ideal for a main room, secondary room such as a bedroom or study, or even a second home. It is available in a choice of black or paintable white finish.


Sneaky Unik

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