The Sekrit BR-27 Bass Reinforcement Loudspeaker can improve and extend the scope of any high quality loudspeaker system, ensuring the most demanding dynamics from music and movies are handled with ease and accuracy.A Linn bass reinforcement loudspeaker is much more than just a home theatre subwoofer. Sekrit BR-27 maximises the impact of movies in a 5.1/7.1 surround sound system but without losing the accuracy and musicality that is required for exceptional stereo and multi-channel music playback.Sekrit BR-27 is especially effective when used with bookshelf loudspeakers to extend the bass, giving you a full-range loudspeaker system without replacing your favourite speakers. Its compact size, discreet appearance and installation versatility also means Sekrit BR-27 won't dominate the room.Sekrit BR-27 can also be used to reinforce the bass response of floor-standing loudspeakers, supporting the low frequencies with deep, musical bass. In larger rooms, using additional bass reinforcement loudspeakers can significantly improve the performance of your system.Sekrit BR-27 comes supplied with a paintable loudspeaker grille and can be built into walls, ceilings or bespoke cabinetry.


Sekrit BR-27


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