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Kudos Audio SUPER 10A

Kudos Audio SUPER 10A

You want an exceptionally musical, high-performance loudspeaker but you dont have the space to house a floorstander. Not a problem. We made the Super 10A specifically for you. Yes, a compact standmount loudspeaker may not have quite the same degree of bass "welly" (as we say here in the north-east of England) as an equivalent floorstander. But dont imagine for a second that you should compromise on that all-important lower-end presence, or on an impressively three-dimensional soundstage. And dont think that you wont be holding your breath in that spilt second of silence between notes. Not least because our Super 10A is directly comparable in design to our series-topping Super 20A floorstander.

Like all of the models in our Cardea series, the Super 10A is an exceptional communicator that delivers "a vivid and articulate listening experience" with "wonderful images of musicians performing in space" and "excellent portrayal of fine detail," says Hi-Fi News. “Compact monitors dont come much better than this.” “If you want to hear a fine small loudspeaker, it is this one,” adds Hi-Fi World.

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