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Kudos Audio SUPER 20A

Kudos Audio SUPER 20A

We ll always have a soft spot for the Super 20A here at Kudos. The Kudos brand was launched with the Cardea series, and the Super 20A is the topmost development of the series. Think of the last time you met somebody who was so fascinating, so entertaining and so utterly engaging, and who had a voice so captivating, that you could happily listen to them forever. Thats the feeling you get on meeting a Cardea Super 20A. In short, its a brilliant communicator and it knows how to hold a room. Its also incredibly insightful, probing into the depths of each recorded musical performance in order to faithfully expose everything thats in there.

“The sense of occasion was electric, like being hard-wired into the original performance with so much texture and detail, fiery virtuosity, and drama,” says Hi-Fi Plus magazine. “Beautifully clear, open and lively… revealing every last layer of fine micro detail.” “Deliciously authentic,” adds Hi-Fi News. “Its a loudspeaker that is indeed a little bit special.”

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