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T-Balancer® miniNG (price: 29,00 €, VAT excluded)

Probably the most configurable fan controller available apart from its big brother, the BigNG, this is a product for serious PC enthusiasts. Priced very affordably, the miniNG offers Next-Generation programmable fan behaviour using its in-built microprocessor and can be configured to operate "standalone" via jumpers, or as an add-on to the T-Balancer BigNG via its free comprehensive software.

The miniNG is the first fan controller to offer patented Dual Mode Technology (DMT) which combines analogue silence with strong PWM power. You can choose per channel, depending if you want to drive analogue or not. You can switch this with software or with the jumper even while the system is running.

The miniNG, with its huge heatsink can power up to 20W on a analogue voltage channel and 50W per PWM channel. You can configure temperature limits and speed curves with the jumpers or with the software supplied with the T-Balancer.

At the heart of the miniNG is a powerful microprocessor with integrated permanent memory, so all configurations are saved to the memory. The processor enables a lot of configuration possibilities and also seamless connection to a T-Balancer BigNG.



  1. Separate control of 2 fan channels
  2. 50W per channel with PWM, combined 100W
  3. 20W per channel with analogue, combined 25W
  4. 2 analogue sensors
  5. Kick-start for water pumps
  6. Configuration with jumpers and potentiometers
  7. Free configuration with T-Balancer and its software
  8. Integrated overheat protection in analogue operation



Dimensions 60x50x16mm
Weight 95g
Max. consumption 10A
Combined power 100W (PWM)/25W (analogue)
Power per channel 50W (PWM)/20W (analogue)
Package contents 2 very thin analogue temperature sensors, jumpers, sensor cable for connecting to T-Balancer and mounting material.
Warranty 24 months
EAN barcode 9120018681129


Price, € 29,00


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