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T-Balancer® classic (price: 59,00 €, VAT excluded)

The T-Balancer® classic is an innovative temperature control system. Traditional temperature control systems can reduce the fan speed only by 50%, while the T-Balancer® is able to reduce the fan speed to 0%. It is even possible to stop or to turn the fan completely off without any harm to your PC. The fan speeds and temperature limits can be configured using Windows-Software. Plus, up to 14 linear adjustable temperature sensors are supported.


USB2.0, RPM signal detection, blockage recognition, startup control, sensor loss detection, acoustic and optical alarm, 4 fan channels with each 15W permanent, up to 8 digital sensors, Microprocessor and EPROM onboard for independent operation from motherboard, free configuration of speed and temperature curves with software, digital precise sensors (0°-125°C), light effects with CCFL and software and more ...


for Windows 98, XP, 2000 and XP64, for configuration and monitoring, MBM and Speedfan support, LCD with JaLCD, LCD Smartie, LCDC and iMON, Samurize support , monitoring over Network and more ...

Package contents: 
fan control unit, 2 digital temperature sensors (address #0-#1), sensors cables, signal cables, internal USB cable, mounting materials, Quick Install and CD with software and manual.

Dimension: 88x70x16mm
Weight: 115g
max. current: 7A
Combined power: 50W (PWM)
Power per channel: 15W (PWM)

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Price, € 59,00


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