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T-Balancer® bigNG (price: 69,00 €, VAT excluded)

The T-Balancer bigNG is the first 4-channel controller for air and watercooling with patented Dual Mode Technology (DMT). You can choose whether you want to power each channel analog or with PWM. The T-Balancer bigNG delivers pure analog voltage up to 20W per channel (40W with PWM). This way you can even connect water pumps or Peltiers. An integrated heatsink ensures a cool running.

The bigNG will be delivered by standard with four thin analogue sensors and two precise digital sensors. Due to the high absolute accuracy of the digital sensors you can calibrate the rest of your system to it. Using all available extension you can control all together ten analogue sensors, eight digital sensors and two flowmeters.

Mounting is very flexible: in a free 3½" bay, in a free chassis slot or anywhere with the transparent acrylic glass.

What can the T-Balancer bigNG control?

The bigNG can read up to 10 analogue sensors, 8 digital sensors, 2 flowmeters and the speed of 4 fans. It can control fans, powerful water pumps, CCFLs and even Peltiers. It can be connected to the PC with USB. The RPM signals can also be connected. With the Extension Set analogue, the PC can also be shut-off in a case of emergency.

Which extensions exist for the T-Balancer bigNG?

Extension set digital (six more digital sensors), extension set analogue (6 more analogue sensors, emergency PC power off, connector for two flowmeter), two T-Balancer miniNG (more fan channels), Water kit (with flowmeter and water temp probes), filling-level meter (in development), Multi-IO with 16 In- and Outputs (in development)

The T-Balancer bigNG offers numerous safety systems: overheat protection, acoustic alarm, optic alarm, software alarms, sensor loss control, blockage recognition, self-sustaining system

With Software (via USB2.0) the T-Balancer can be adjusted and configured in an easy way. Many Plug-Ins (iMON, Speedfan, MBM, JaLCD, LCDC, Samurize) are provided for the T-Balancer software. The software also enables long-term monitoring, an integrated USB watch-dog ensures a permanent USB connection.

Package content: control unit, two digital sensors (address #0-#1), four analogue sensors, RPM signal cable, USB cable (internal), acrylic case, slot sheet, 3½" bay holders, CD with software


  1. Ultimate fan controlling system
  2. Controls much more than just fans
  3. Built-in safety features


Dimensions 88 x 88 x 16mm
Weight 150g
Max current 7A
Max power 80W (PWM)/20W (analogue)
Power per channel 40W (PWM)/20W (analogue)
Warranty 24 months
EAN barcode 9120018681136


Price, € 69,00




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