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2,5“ Silence Kit (price: 9,95 €, VAT excluded)

The 2.5" Silence Kit is developed especially for 2.5" hard disks. It is a set of noise isolating mats, which matches perfectly into each 3.5" silence box for hard disks. This way you can use a standard 3.5" silence box with a 2.5" hard disk and make it even more quiet.

It is also compatible with Vertical Silence and HDD mini.

Open your 3.5" HDD silence box, place an isolating mat at the ground, place the hard disk along one side of the box to cool it down. Place the other mats around and on top. Close the box.

Decoupled and noise isolated
The noise isolating mats have 2 different layers to absorb a wide spectrum of noise waves. One side of the mats has a full surface sticker to mount it into the box, this also reduces vibrations of the box. The other side of the mat has a honey comb structure for a better noise reduction.

- fit in every 3.5" HDD silence box
- compatible with Vertical Silence and HDD mini
- for 2.5" HDD (IDE and SATA)
- 2-layer noise isolating mats with honey comb structure
- 180g

hard disks are not included in the package


Price, € 9,95


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