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Silent brackets (price: 6,50 €, VAT excluded)

The mCubed Silent Brackets are a simple, but very effective solution to uncouple the hard disks and to reduce their noise effectively. Traditional silent solutions for hard disks have to absorb a big bandwidth of vibrations and have to simultaneously ensure that the hard disk will not swing, reducing hdd speed. The innovative mCubed Silent Brackets solve this efficiently by different simple ways.

The silent rubber blocks, especially designed by mCubed, have a size and a softness that are optimized specifically for this application. A special hardness grade was chosen in order to absorbs rotation vibrations and knocking vibrations.
The arrangement of the brackets ensures that the hard disk will not move horizontally, thus preventing the misalignment of its reading heads and avoiding any speed reduction. 
The mCubed Silent Brackets were created by mCubed and are produced in Austria. The quality of the workmanship and the materials used are optimal: the rubber blocks, which have been specially made for this application, and the laser-cut brackets, give the final product an exceptional quality.

Mounting the mCubed Silent Brackets is a very easy and simple thing. The rubbers are already screwed onto the brackets. By simply screwing the brackets onto your hard disk, and fixing it within a 5.25" bay, you can have your silenced hard disk operational in just a few minutes. No additional holes need be drilled. mCubed Silent Brackets use the standard holes of the 5.25" bays and of the hard disks. Even actual easy clip systems of the PC chassis are compatible.

>> compatible with all 3.5" hard disks
>> standardised hole distance
>> audible reduction of hard disk noises 
>> absorbs vibrations effectively 
>> very easy mounting. No additional holes and drilling necessary 
>> no reduction of hard disk speed 
>> laser cut edges

Package contents:
2 brackets, 4 rubber blocks, 4 distance rolls and mounting screws are provided.

Price, € 6,50


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