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Safety Control System (price: 25,00 €, VAT excluded)

The HFX® safety control system prevents the HFX from overheating by adding a 92mm safety fan (mCubed-X92) and a 1-channel fan controller. The fan only gets activated when reaching the temperature limit. The temperature limit is adjustable. The hottest spot can be monitored with the thin foil temperature sensor. You can adjust with the right knob the exact temperature, where the FanAmp light speed the fan up to 100%. If the temperature falls back under the limit, the speed will be reduced after a while (build-in delay/ Hysteresis).

Package contents: 
1x mCubed-X92 fan, 1x FanAmp light (1-channel fan controller), 4 anti vibes, 1 screwdriver, 1 velcro, 1 fan cable, 1 analogue temperatur sensor


Price, € 25,00


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