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VISTA GP Remote Control (price: 29,00 €, VAT excluded)

This is a HFX VISTA GP remote control, which is especially designed for the Windows VISTA Media Center (MCE) application. You can easily remote everything like your music, phostos. Live TV, movies, CDs and DVDs on your PC with this remote.

It is fully compatible with WIN7 MCE!

It includes an universal USB external receiver. It includes also a kit to rebuilt the external receiver into an internal receiver which you can please behind the front inside the PC.

The installation is very easy. Just connect it with internal or external USB. No software installation is required since Windows VISTA recognizes the remote automatically.


  • supports Windows Vista Mediacenter and Win7
  • compatible with MS remote control RC6
  • 10m signal reception distance
  • connection with internal or external USB

Package contents:

  • IR control RC6, IR receiver, internal and external usb cable, mounting material, batteries, rebuilt kit for internal use inside the PC



Price, € 29,00


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