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EF19 external fanless PSU 191W (price: 125,00 €, VAT excluded)

The EF19 is an external fanless power supply for ATX computer cases. The ATX-Adapter will be mounted inside the case and the PSU will be placed outside like with a laptop. The performance is sufficient for up to 3 slot cards, 1 DVD and 2 HDD.

The external PSU is with 0W standby current one of the most powersaving power supplies.

small DC/DC adapter with external PSU, ATX-plug with P4 for 90V-264V
long lifetime and reliable
protection against over-current, over-voltage and over-heat
high efficiency of over 90% (DC-DC)

internal DC-DC board (L,W,H): 120*60*22mm, 115g
external AC-DC brick (L,W,H): 40*70*170mm, 0.5kg
connection cable extern-to-intern: 1.10m

Cable connectors:
1x ATX 20pin (20cm)
1x 12V P4 (33cm)
1x IDE Power + 1 FDD Power (25cm+15cm)

Specification AC-DC:
Efficiency: 80%
Max. power: 120W (12V*10A)
Protected. Trip current = 12A
Standby current = 0A/0W

Package contents:
external psu, power plug (european) and ATX-adapter

Price, € 125,00


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