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BorgFX® CPU deluxe (price: 79,00 €, VAT excluded)

The BorgFX® CPU heatpipe processor cooler is especially designed for the HFX® classic and mini cases. 4 heatpipes can transport up to 120W to the heatsink. Since the position of the processor can differ from mainboard to mainboard, the designed heatpipe cooler is flexibel in 2 directions to meet all kind of ATX and micro-ATX motherboards.

The BorgFX CPU is available in 2 versions:
> the standard version is made of aluminium
> the deluxe version is made of pure copper

Package contents: 
CPU cooling block, 6 heatpipe adapter plates, 4 bended heatpipes (diameter of 6mm), mounting clips, screws

Supported CPU sockets: 
sockets 775, 478, 754/939/940, AM2, AM3, I3, I5, I7, I9 and 1156 

HFX classic cases
HFX mini cases

- aluminium block: 40*40*32mm
- aluminium heatpipe adapters: 40*50*10mm
- total height: 42mm

Specification Heatpipes:
material: pure Copper 
max. heat transfer rate: 33W 
thermal resistance: 0.08°C/W 
working temperature: 30~120°C 
crack temperature: 280°C 
working fluid: deionized water 
wick structures: sintered powder metal 
surface finish: nickel plated

Price, € 79,00


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