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EF15 external fanless PSU (price: 99,00 €, VAT excluded)

The EF15 PSU offers 154W combined power which is sufficient for high end miniITX systems withdesktop CPUs combined with HFX micro storage. The internal part (DC-DC) is a very small picoPSU, which fits perfectly into the HFX micro. The external part (AC-DC) is like with laptops small and fanless.

The EF15 is perfect to use with the HFX micro M2 with desktop CPUs which also power other devices like the HFX micro storage box.

Specification DC-DC:

Efficiency: 94%
power plugs for 2x 5.25" and 1x 3.5"
12V plug

Specification AC-DC:

Efficiency: 80%
Max. power: 120W (12V*10A)
Protected. Trip current = 12A

Package contents:

internal picoPSU, external Laptop PSU, P4 power connector


Price, € 99,00


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