HFX systems can do more than traditional satellite receivers, HDD recorders, set top boxes or amplifiers. HFX systems combine all those devices plus adding new services like Internet, eMails, Games, Videos, Pictures, Music and more all in one devices connected with a high resolution LCD, Beamer or Plasma.

HFX Movie-Ripper

HFX  PowerBox HD1-CI HFX Edition 19.07.2013

HFX PowerBox HD1-CI HFX Edition (price: 1 595,00 €, VAT included)

Highend Sat-Receiver & Video Netzwerkplayer für Cinema X5

HD Network-Player, SAT-Receiver and TV-Server
with Intel i3, 4GB RAM, GB LAN, LCD, 60GB SSD,
500GB HDD, HDMI 1.4, DVB-S2, CI, Remote Control,
Win7, Cinema-Paket with TMT and MyMovies,
Dolby DTS-HD and TrueHD, S/PDIF

HFX  CinePlay XB2 17.07.2013

HFX CinePlay XB2 (price: 495,00 €, VAT included)

HD Movie-Player with AMD Fusion, GB LAN, VESA-100-Mounting,
16GB Flash, Remote Control, HDMI, HD-Audio, AirPlay,
Openelec XBMC 12

HFX  RipNAS SOLID E 17.07.2013

HFX RipNAS SOLID E (price: 1 195,00 €, VAT included)

highend CD Ripper with Profi drive with 1TB and HDMI

HFX  RipNAS SOLID V3 17.07.2013

HFX RipNAS SOLID V3 (price: 1 895,00 €, VAT included)

Highend CD Ripper with Profi Drive, 120GB SSD, 1TB HDD, HDMI & S/PDIF

HFX  RipNAS MONSTER 17.07.2013

HFX RipNAS MONSTER (price: 6 995,00 €, VAT included)

Audio-Server with 18TB and i7 Quad Core


HFX Maintenance contract 1 year (price: 195,00 €, VAT included)

Tefefon and teamviewer support for first start and configuration, backup, updates, monitoring.
Price, € 198,28 (Latvian VAT 21% included)

HFX  Cinema X5 23.02.2012

HFX Cinema X5 (price: 2 995,00 €, VAT included)

The new HFX cinema X5 is based on the latest Windows Home Server 2011 and fully supports HDTV-Ripping and conversion into MPEG4. With MPEG4 it is compatible with DLNA devices like LOEWE TV and even iTunes AIRPLAY.

Movie-Ripper with Intel I3, 4GB RAM, 120GB System SSD, 2* 2 TB
Server HDD, TEAC Blu-Ray incl. WHS 2011, AnyDVD and
> upgrade Server HDD: 5* 2TB 600,-
> upgrade Server HDD: 5* 3TB 850,-
> upgrade Server HDD: 5* 4TB 1180,-

HFX  CinePlay XB3 29.01.2012

HFX CinePlay XB3 (price: 795,00 €, VAT included)

The HFX CinePlay XB3 is a Linux based video player with remote control and XBMC user interface. The HD Player also plays Blu-Ray ISO files over the net, so that you see the Blu-Ray in 1:1 quality incl. subtitles, audio tracks and modes, chapters, angles and more. The Player switches automatically between 24 and 50/60Hz for perfect playback of BD, DVD and TV.

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