HFX systems can do more than traditional satellite receivers, HDD recorders, set top boxes or amplifiers. HFX systems combine all those devices plus adding new services like Internet, eMails, Games, Videos, Pictures, Music and more all in one devices connected with a high resolution LCD, Beamer or Plasma.

HDD silence line

HFX  Silent brackets 27.10.2011

HFX Silent brackets (price: 6,50 €, VAT included)

The mCubed Silent Brackets are a simple, but very effective solution to uncouple the hard disks and to reduce their noise effectively.

HFX  2,5“ Silence Kit 27.10.2011

HFX 2,5“ Silence Kit (price: 9,95 €, VAT included)

The 2.5" Silence Kit is developed especially for 2.5" hard disks. It is a set of noise isolating mats, which matches perfectly into each 3.5" silence box for hard disks. This way you can use a standard 3.5" silence box with a 2.5" hard disk and make it even more quiet.

HFX  Vertical Silence Rev. 2 - black 27.10.2011

HFX Vertical Silence Rev. 2 - black (price: 29,00 €, VAT included)

The Vertical Silence is a hard disc cooler, which is designed especially for passive cooling.

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