HFX systems can do more than traditional satellite receivers, HDD recorders, set top boxes or amplifiers. HFX systems combine all those devices plus adding new services like Internet, eMails, Games, Videos, Pictures, Music and more all in one devices connected with a high resolution LCD, Beamer or Plasma.

Products from HFX

  CinePlay XB2

CinePlay XB2 (price: 495,00 €, VAT excluded)

HD Movie-Player with AMD Fusion, GB LAN, VESA-100-Mounting,
16GB Flash, Remote Control, HDMI, HD-Audio, AirPlay,
Openelec XBMC 12

  Riser card PCIe 16x flexbile

Riser card PCIe 16x flexbile (price: 45,00 €, VAT excluded)

This risercard has been designed for the Mini chassis and allows for a full sized PCIe x16 graphics card to be used. The PCIe x16 card is placed in the middle position of the back panel of the Mini. The PCIe x1 card has to be installed into the 2nd row of the motherboard.

  HFX micro-ghost

HFX micro-ghost (price: 89,00 €, VAT excluded)

The HFX micro ghost reduces all functionality to an absolut minimum. You can mount the ghost behind your LCD or behind a cupboard or onto a wall. It is designed for miniITX motherboards and cool even cool down 35W CPUs like the Intel I3 Sandy.


Attenuator (price: 5,80 €, VAT excluded)

Electronic Attenuater for all fans up to 16V

  Safety Control System

Safety Control System (price: 25,00 €, VAT excluded)

The HFX® safety control system prevents the HFX from overheating by adding a 92mm safety fan (mCubed-X92) and a 1-channel fan controller. The fan only gets activated when reaching the temperature limit

  Riser card PCI flexible 11cm

Riser card PCI flexible 11cm (price: 22,00 €, VAT excluded)

With the help of flexible Riser cards you can use in the HFX mini any TV tuner or soundcard. The card will be placed horizontically and mounted to the back panel of the HFX mini. The riser card uses a new and ultraflat (0.1mm) cable which is very flexible.

  BorgFX® VGA

BorgFX® VGA (price: 65,00 €, VAT excluded)

The new BorgFX VGA heatpipe cooler has some major improvements to ensure highest cooling performance also with newest models of graphic cards.

  BorgFX® CPU deluxe

BorgFX® CPU deluxe (price: 79,00 €, VAT excluded)

The BorgFX® CPU heatpipe processor cooler is especially designed for the HFX® classic and mini cases.

  Silent brackets

Silent brackets (price: 6,50 €, VAT excluded)

The mCubed Silent Brackets are a simple, but very effective solution to uncouple the hard disks and to reduce their noise effectively.

  VISTA GP Remote Control

VISTA GP Remote Control (price: 29,00 €, VAT excluded)

This is a HFX VISTA GP remote control, which is especially designed for the Windows VISTA Media Center (MCE) application. You can easily remote everything like your music, phostos. Live TV, movies, CDs and DVDs on your PC with this remote.


RipNAS SOLID V3 (price: 1 895,00 €, VAT excluded)

Highend CD Ripper with Profi Drive, 120GB SSD, 1TB HDD, HDMI & S/PDIF

  EF28 external fanless PSU 280W

EF28 external fanless PSU 280W (price: 148,00 €, VAT excluded)

The EF28 is an external fanless HiFi-ATX power supply and can be used for each PC case for standard ATX PSU. The ATX-Adapter will be mounted inside the case and the PSU will be placed outside like with a laptop. The external and internal parts will be connected with a high quality HiFi cable. The EF28 is perfect for new Dual Core and standard processors from Intel and AMD.

  Riser card PCI flexible 3cm

Riser card PCI flexible 3cm (price: 28,00 €, VAT excluded)

With the help of flexible Riser cards you can use in the HFX mini any TV tuner or soundcard.

  T-Balancer® classic

T-Balancer® classic (price: 59,00 €, VAT excluded)

The T-Balancer® classic is an innovative temperature control system. Traditional temperature control systems can reduce the fan speed only by 50%, while the T-Balancer® is able to reduce the fan speed to 0%. It is even possible to stop or to turn the fan completely off without any harm to your PC.

  Cinema X5

Cinema X5 (price: 2 995,00 €, VAT excluded)

The new HFX cinema X5 is based on the latest Windows Home Server 2011 and fully supports HDTV-Ripping and conversion into MPEG4. With MPEG4 it is compatible with DLNA devices like LOEWE TV and even iTunes AIRPLAY.

Movie-Ripper with Intel I3, 4GB RAM, 120GB System SSD, 2* 2 TB
Server HDD, TEAC Blu-Ray incl. WHS 2011, AnyDVD and
> upgrade Server HDD: 5* 2TB 600,-
> upgrade Server HDD: 5* 3TB 850,-
> upgrade Server HDD: 5* 4TB 1180,-

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