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AT-DVIF30S-IR (price: 924,00 €, VAT excluded)

Atlona DVI, RS232, IR and Audio Transmitter module over a single Multi Mode Fiber with HDCP and EDID Support. Model: AT-DVIF30S-IR

The Atlona AT-DVIF30S-IR is a DVI with RS232, IR and Audio transmitter module with an DVI, RS232, IR and Audio female inputs and a single fiber optics output (multi-mode). The AT-DVIF30S-IR is designed to work with multiple receiver modules:

  • AT-DVIF30R-IR - Box Style DVI Receiver module with DVI, RS232, IR and Audio outputs
  • AT-HDF30R-IR – Box Style HDMI Receiver module with HDMI, RS232, IR and Audio outputs


  • Extra Long Distance Extension up to 1200ft @1080p or 1920x1200, 1500ft @ 1600x1200 and 4000ft @ 1280x1024 
  • EDID and HDCP Support, user will not have to deal with learning EDID
  • High Resolution Video, EDID, HDCP, RS232, IR and AUX Audio can be handled through a single fiber cable
  • RS232 Compatible
  • IR pass through from the receiver module to the transmitter module
  • Interchangeable with variety of receiver modules whether wall plate, box or miniature style (HDMI or DVI)
  • UL Class A Certified, required by high class government and medical installations
  • Built in Equalizer, allows user to use modules in between switchers/splitters and other equipment of that sort
  • Perfect for Commercial, Government and medical Installations or for high-end residential.
  • Made in USA

Technical Specifications:

  • Resolution Support: up to 1080p or 1920x1200
  • HDCP:  Fully Supports
  • EDID/DDC: Fully bi-directional communication
  • DVI Connector: DVI 24+1 (DVI Digital Only)
  • RS232 Connector: harness style
  • AUX Audio connector: harness style
  • IR Connector: 3.5mm jack to be used with IR emitters up to 38kHz
  • Fiber Connector: Single Multi-Mode SC style
  • Hot Plug: Fully Supports
  • Power:  5V/1A
  • Weight (LB): 0.45

Package Includes:

  • 1 x AT-DVIF30S-IR
  • 1 x Instructions Manual
  • Harness Style Adapter for RS232 and Audio
  • 1 x 5V/1A Power Supply

3 years parts and labor







Price: 924,00 €, VAT excluded.


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