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AT-3GSDI-16 (price: 462,00 €, VAT excluded)

Atlona 1x6 SDI/HD-SDI / 3G HD-SDI 

The Atlona Technologies AT-3GSDI-16 is a high performance Distribution amplifier for SDI (SMPTE 292M) and 3G HD-SDI (SMPTE 424M) signals. IT takes one input and distributes the signal to six identical outputs. The Atlona SDI/HD-SDI/3G HD-SDI distribution amplifier can work with High Resolutions up to 1080P and full bandwidth up to 3Gbps.


  • Supports high video bandwidth up to 3Gbps
  • Splitter supports both SDI (SMPTE 292M), HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M), and 3g HD-SDI (SMPTE 424M) standard
  • HD cable Equalization
  • Passes all ancillary data
  • Provides automatic input cable equalization up to 300m (1000ft)

Technical Specifications

  • SDI Standards: SDI, HD-SDI, and 3G HD-SDI
  • Auto SDI/HD-SDI detection
  • Supported protocols: SMTPE 259M, SMPTE 292M, and SMPTE 424M
  • Video Bandwidth: 1.485Gbps, 1.485/1.00Gbps, and 3Gbps
  • Output impedance: 75Ohms
  • Cable equalzation: [HD-SDI] up to 150m (500ft) / [SD-SDI] up to 300m (1000ft)
  • Audio support
  • Input: 1x BNC [SDI]
  • Output: 6x BNC [SDI]

Package Contents

  • 1x AT-3GSDI-16 unit
  • 1x 5V DC power supply unit
  • 1x User's manual

Warranty: 3 years

Atlona 1x6 SDI/HD-SDI / 3G HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier    Atlona 1x6 SDI/HD-SDI / 3G HD-SDI Distribution Amplifier





Price: 462,00 €, VAT excluded.


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