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Atlona Technologies

Atlona Technologies is a dynamic solutions based manufacturer poised on the bleeding edge of Audio Video technology. Our product line has grown to cover almost every conceivable solution in the Audio Video industry with new innovative products in development continuously. Atlona has been consistently first to market without sacrificing quality or using the field to test new products.

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AT-DVI4-100SR (price: 503,00 €, VAT excluded)

The Atlona AT-DVI4-100SR is a DVI over single Cat 5, 6 or 7 transmitter and receiver set which allows 350ft of uncompressed video up to 1080p @ 48bit or 2Kx1K. It supports Bi-Directional RS-232, Bi-Directional IR and Bi-Directional Ethernet. The Atlona AT-DVI4-100SR is a perfect solution for extending any DVI source such as a Computer, Video Codec, Matrix Switcher, or any other from a remote location to your display.


AT-COMP-13AD (price: 167,00 €, VAT excluded)

The 1x3 Component w/Audio Distribution Amplifier is the perfect solution for anyone who needs to send one source of high definition component video with Audio to multiple displays at the same time. It supports all component sources and displays. Supported resolutions up to 1080p.


AT-LINE-PRO5 (price: 840,00 €, VAT excluded)

Atlona Pro5 11 input 2 mirrored outputs Switcher/Scaler is designed to create a better, easier, classroom or boardroom presentation. Supporting resolutions of 640x480 up to 1920x1200 and 480i up to 1080p, scale any source to your display’s resolution. Control the AT-LINE-PRO5 by remote, face panel, or RS-232, allowing you to set up the command system easiest for you.


AT-HD4-SI40SR (price: 194,00 €, VAT excluded)

The Atlona AT-HD4-SI40SR is an HDMI over Cat 5/5e/6/7 Extender Kit, which allows Deep Color and full 3D support plus DTS-HD and Dolby TrueHD over a single low cost Cat 5/5e/6/7 interface with up to 130ft full HD 1080p or 1920x1200. The Atlona AT-HD4-SI40SR is a perfect solution for extending a Blu-Ray player, Sony PlayStation or Apple TV from a remote location.


AT-RK-DIS7PRO (price: 34,00 €, VAT excluded)

The Atlona AT-RK-DIS7PRO is a set of rack mounting ears which allows user to rack mount the AT-DIS7-PROHD, the 7-inch Pro monitor. When the rack ears are mounted, they will take 4U space.


AT-RGB110 (price: 92,00 €, VAT excluded)

The Atlona Composite BNC to VGA Video Converter/Scaler is an easy to use product, carefully designed, for video sources that don’t support VGA connections. Great for security systems where you don’t want to set up a dedicated PC, just plug the security camera into the Atlona AT-RGB110 then to your monitor and you’re ready to go.


AT-3GSDI-14 (price: 318,00 €, VAT excluded)

The AT-3GSDI-14 1x4 3G/HD/SD-SDI distribution amplifier with Re-clocking, receives one SDI input signal, perfectly duplicates it, and re-transmits to four SDI outputs for a real time multi-viewing. The Atlona 3G HD-SDI, HD-SD, SDI Distribution Amplifier is a perfect solution for those who want to spilt a signal from a Camera, Video Card or a Mixer to 4 Outputs


AT-DVIFW10R (price: 555,00 €, VAT excluded)

The Atlona AT-DVIFW10R is a Wall Plate Style DVI receiver module with a single fiber optics input (multi-mode) and DVI output. The AT-DVIFW10R is designed to work with multiple transmitter modules


AT-HD-V214 (price: 462,00 €, VAT excluded)

The Atlona AT-HD-V214 is a high performance HDMI switcher with a 4-way distribution amplifier built-in. AT-HD-V214 is built on the HDMI 1.3 platform and can pass resolutions up to 1080p. Switcher allows two HDMI sources to share four HDTV displays. All 4 outputs are mirrored which means when a source is selected, all outputs will switch to that specific source. Switcher can be controlled through IR Remote, RS-232 or manual front panel control.


AT-RS232SRS (price: 75,00 €, VAT excluded)

The Atlona RS232 extender is an affordable solution providing control of RS232 protocol device. AT-RS232SRS consists out of 2 x boxes; one takes RS232 and converts it to Twisted Pair (Cat5/6). The other box converts back from twisted pair to RS232. Extender units can be placed as far as 825ft


AT-3GSDI500 (price: 1 201,00 €, VAT excluded)

Atlona Technologies AT-3GSDI500 3G/HD/SD-SDI Pattern Generator is an advanced SDI pattern generator with multi-format (3G/HD/SD) and multi-pattern support. Besides still and moving video test patterns, other features such as audio (SMPTE-291M) are also provided.


AT-DVIF30R-IR (price: 924,00 €, VAT excluded)

The Atlona AT-DVIF30R-IR is an DVI with RS232, IR and Audio receiver module with a single fiber optics input (multi-mode) and DVI, RS232, IR and Audio female outputs. The AT-DVIF30R-IR is designed to work with multiple transmitter modules


AT-PROHD82M (price: 1 513,00 €, VAT excluded)

Atlona Technologies AT-PROHD82M has big switching power in a compact 1U size. AT-PROHD82M is a Multi-Video Matrix Switcher featuring 8 inputs and 2 outputs; each having both HDMI and VGA connections. Both outputs are matrix and can display signals from any of the 8 inputs. This allows you to send audio and video signals across multiple displays and is great for multi-room applications.


AT-HD-RG100SR (price: 462,00 €, VAT excluded)

The AT-HD-RG100SR HDMI over 5-Wire Extender Kit with Bi-Directional IR allows users to extend HDMI transmission ranges up to 330ft (100m) with resolutions as high as 1080p and also supports 3D. AT-HD-RG100SR is extremely easy to install and works perfectly with existing RGBHV, mini-RGB or RG-6 coaxial cables. It will even work with existing component cables which make it perfect using existing infrastructure and new technology.


AT-HD-V81 (price: 462,00 €, VAT excluded)

Atlona AT-HD-V81 is a High Performance HDMI 1.3 switcher with remote and RS232 command port. The Atlona switcher is equipped with HDMI reclocking technology which allows user to use long distance HDMI cables on the inputs and output.

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